More Makoché Studios Sessions

We had the pleasure in November to spend several days (and several dinners) with the preeminent Beatles historian, Mark Lewisohn: author of Tune In: The Beatles, All These Years.


We talked about the Beatles, the studios they worked in, (he says Makoché "smells like Abbey Road"), his methodology of interviewing, and the importance and relevancy of studying the phenomenon that produced the Fab Four.


"Whether you like them or not - whether you've bought a book on the Beatles and whether you ever wanted to know anything more about them or not - stop and pause on that point and just think, how on Earth has this happened?"


Mark Lewisohn was here to speak as a part of the Bismarck State College's 1960s symposium.


Visit his website (and buy his book!)  HERE

Brad Crisler, writer of such hits as Sweet Southern Comfort (recorded by Buddy Jewell) and Hillbilly Deluxe, a mega-hit for Brooks and Dunn and the ASCAP "Most Performed Song 2007" award,  brought the band Sprigs to Makoché for a few days of songwriting and recording sessions. These fellows are all pro at what they do. It was a real pleasure watching them work.

Jessie Veeder was pretty nervous when she called to book sessions her Nothings Forever album, but we were all thrilled. We knew what a talent she was. The bonus for us was getting to know her band and what good fellows they were. At first it was tough getting Jessie comfortable in the studio and convincing her to let us add a drummer to her band (look at who's rocking now!), but in the end it's always about the music and with Jessie, the music stands first.


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